Esprit, an international fashion brand, has committed to increase sustainable viscose production as outlined by Changing Markets Foundation roadmap. Esprit will work with suppliers and viscose manufacturers to move to a closed loop production system by 2023-25. With this, Esprit commits to improve the manufacturing process of viscose and modal fibres.

Following the roadmap outlined by the Changing Markets Foundation, Esprit will take all steps to promote and improve the sustainable production of viscose and modal fibres. Esprit will clearly communicate procurement requirements and evaluate the environmental impact of the production process and social impacts of suppliers along the whole supply chain. The goal is to minimise the effects of harmful chemicals in the manufacturing processes by adopting a closed loop system, Esprit said. Esprit and the Changing Markets Foundation share the idea of a responsible and clean textile industry. By conveying the ecological requirements for viscose production to its producers, Esprit promotes a sustainable change in the production of fibres.