A session on Energy Efficiency Implementation in Industrial sector in the International Conference on Energy Efficiency and Conservation Awareness (ICEECA) was jointly organised by the Sustainable and Renewable Energy Development Authority (SREDA) and the Bangladesh chapter of German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ) with a view to accomplishing energy competency in ready-made garment sectors.

Asif Ibrahim, Director of BGMEA, chaired this session asserting, “Bangladesh RMG sector is proactive in embracing energy saving initiatives. However, financing at affordable rate of interest and regulatory reforms are needed to scale up these efforts.”

Bashirun Nabi Khan, Public Affairs Manager, H&M, Lt Col Hasan Mahmud (Retd), Executive Director, Bitopi Group, Prabhat Kumar Singh, Sr. Divisional Chemical Engineer, Ministry of Industry, Supply and Commerce, Nepal, Yoshiko KATO, Head of Project Implementation Team, EEC Promotion Financing Project, SREDA were present in the discussion.

Lt Col Hasan Mahmud also delivered his speech explaining the good practices of his organisation, Bitopi Group. They have initiated to use inverter, thermal oil heater, incineration boiler (cutting waste), biogas plant, sky lights, boiler economizer, HVLS fans and a 2.6 ME solar PV.

Furthermore, Bashirun Nabi Khan of H&M also mentioned that H&M has a number of ambitious goals in the area of energy efficiency and strategy. By 2025, H&M will ensure all suppliers enrolled in energy efficiency projects will be climate neutral by 2030 and climate positive by 2040. While replying to a question by the chair regarding price, Bashirun Nabi suggested that the RMG industry should look into some arenas to add value for getting incentives from the business, such as- product diversification, enhancing efficiency and investing in R&D.

In addition, SREDA may take an initiative to recognize industry consumers who have done excellent works in the area of energy efficiency and conservation and made strides towards green and clean development. In this session, BGMEA Director Asif Ibrahim urged on the availability of accessible low cost finance as it is one of the key challenges coupled with incentivizing mechanisms for energy efficiency and conservation initiatives. While concluding, the chair thanked SREDA for their continuous support and expected they would apply for GCF (Green Climate Fund), the biggest climate fund available in the world.