YKK, which has saved millions of plastic bottles from landfills in past 5 years with its materially recycled Natulon zipper, will begin its production in Macon, Georgia, further reducing environmental impact from sourcing the products overseas and reducing lead time. Natulon zippers are products made from PET bottles, old fibre and other polyester remnants. Ten thousand Natulon zippers of 60 cm length recycle approximately 3,600 plastic bottles (29 g/bottle). The materially recycled zippers are Bluesign certified, said YKK.

YKK produces the YZiP zipper for jeans and trousers with Natulon Material Recycled tape in order to contribute to the North and Central America denim industry’s environmentally friendly production. It is available for Size 45 with several elements finishes, including Golden Brass, Antique Gold, Antique Silver, Nickel Silver and Anti Nickel Silver.

Natulon is part of YKK’s collection of sustainable trims. Also included in the collection are environmentally friendly snaps and buttons using a new finishing process that reduces thermal energy, water usage, and toxic chemicals and waste?

YKK continues to reduce carbon emissions in its manufacturing processes, including those that are directly due to manufacturing, indirectly from factory energy consumption, and from material procurement and transportation. These initiatives are being carried out in Macon, GA, Anaheim, CA and globally. In 2015, YKK installed 1,968 solar modules on the roof of its Anaheim, CA facility, resulting in a CO2 offset of 896 tonne per year.