Eastman has over time become synonymous with cutting rooms of apparel manufacturing units in Southeast Asia. Time and again, the company has proven its expertise and importance to cutting rooms in apparel factories across China, India and Bangladesh. Eastman is a manufacturer of cutting room solutions for the apparel and other sewn products industry. With saving on waste becoming the prime focus for many garment manufacturers today, cutting solutions that are effective have gained importance.

Moving forward toward growth and increasing its market share, Eastman’s next destination is Vietnam. The country’s apparel industry, in recent years, has grown significantly, with its trained workforce and politically stable environment, which has encouraged a number of foreign companies to establish and expand their production in Vietnam.

And to penetrate the Vietnam market, Eastman is mulling setting up its liaison office in the country. It already has liaison offices in India and Bangladesh. In 2004, the company opened a manufacturing facility in China. Industry 4.0 solutions are a requirement for big factories, but there are a number of small factories which do not need these solutions. Eastman understands customers’ needs and provides them the right machine at a fair price.