Digitalisation is driving the fashion industry onwards – new technological solutions are rapidly changing familiar processes and procedures. At the PI Apparel trade fair in Milan on 11th and 12th October, Assyst will demonstrated the range of opportunities that is opened up by the 3D simulation software Vidya in product development and beyond.

In the apparel industry, 3D is considered a key technology for advancing digitalisation in companies, because a product can only be integrated into further process steps if it is available digitally. At the PI Apparel, Assyst demonstrated how the 3D simulation software Vidya is used for product development and beyond.

Dr. Andreas Seidl, CEO of the Human Solutions Group is renowned in the fashion industry as a digitalisation expert. During his lecture, he showcased the opportunities that digitalization offers. “The apparel industry is undergoing a technological revolution – digital working is accelerating and changing familiar processes. Above all, however, it offers many opportunities that must now be seized in order to survive in a constantly changing market,” says Seidl.