Denimsandjeans India, which is bringing its third edition of the International Denim & Supply Chain Show on July 17-18, at Bangalore, will hold its first panel discussion on July 18. The topic ‘The race to the bottom: Who are the winners?’ aims to discuss the changing patterns of denim business, the problems being faced by the industry and their solutions.

The panel discussion, to be moderated by Stefano Aldighieri, Ex-Creative Director of Levis, will discuss the change in pricing, sourcing, quality, geographical influences, margins and sale strategies over the period of time. Senior representatives of denim supply chain companies will participate in the discussion and share their views. The discussion will be followed by a Q&A session.

“Inflation has been rising globally and the price of most of the consumer goods have increased in the same proportion. However, when it comes to a pair of jeans, one realises that the prices of jeans have been going down over the period of time. One of the objectives of the panel discussion is to identify the root cause of this problem as to why in the past decade, the denim industry failed to align with the fundamentals of inflation and how it has affected the businesses so far,” the fair organiser said.

The panel discussion will also bring light on the changes which happened during the period of early 2000 and 2008. “2000 was the year when the premium segment of jeans found its space in the market and was able to sell jeans at the price of $300. However, this could not hold its ground for long and there was a crash in mid-2008 when recession hit the US. The post-recession era opened the market for fast fashion and the retailers who entered into the market started selling jeans even at ridiculous prices of less than $10,” the release added. The impact of e-commerce business affecting the eco-system of traditional business and the challenges ahead will also be discussed by the panel.