The Founder of Parkrun, Paul Sinton-Hewitt, has moved into the apparel sector by launching Contra, a sportswear brand which claims to have been established with ethics and inclusivity at its core.

The firm’s mission statement is to dispel stereotypes around sportswear regarding the use of harmful materials in its production, the ethics of employment in factories around the globe and a culture of performance apparel being viewed as only suitable for a limited audience.

The company’s founder states that Contra is “using top-quality fabrics, made in European factories that pay fair wages. And with marketing that supports the ordinary person instead of shaming them into thinking they should be better.”

The Founder of Parkrun does, however, clearly believe that making a success of the business will be anything other than a walk in the park, “Although this project has been two years in the making it is still a total experiment,” Sinton-Hewitt states on the company’s website, “Everything would suggest it isn’t possible to create and sustain a clothing brand with the values we’re passionate about.”

The Contra website highlights the brand’s European sourcing network, with factories and their locations highlighted in Olmac, Siena and Sigmastrong in Portugal, along with a facility in Utenos, Lithuania. All profits made from the Contra range will go to Parkrun.