Coats Global Services, a Coats business providing complementary software solutions to the apparel and footwear supply chain, is going to organise the first series of ‘Apparel Tech Up’ expo in Bangladesh. The daylong Apparel Tech Up event will take place in Dhaka recently in Chittagong respectively.

Apparel Tech Up is a series of events aimed at initiating discussion on the value of technology for apparel and footwear manufacturing space. The Coats Bangladesh event will highlight the importance of data analytics and how accurate data management can impact apparel manufacturing, said in a statement by the company.

The event will be attended by top garment manufacturers from Dhaka and Chittagong. International members of the Coats Global Services team will also be giving key note speeches at the event. The event would also include panel discussions that involve all important stakeholders of the Bangladesh garment industry including brands, tech providers and manufacturers.

“The event aims to be an amalgamation of best practices leveraged with technology. It is crucial to note no technology alone can solve the problems of manufacturing, however, best practices combined with technical expertise is what will result in unparalleled advantage,” adds David Berry, Director – Sales and Marketing, GSD.

“There is no two opinions that technology is to be the inevitable differentiator that gives manufacturers an edge,” said Tram Anh Tran, Managing Director of Coats Bangladesh. “With the markets getting continually more competitive, a forum to discuss the advancements in apparel technology is perfectly timed.”