Jiangsu CMZ Zipper Sci & Tech Co., LTD. (CMZ Zipper (Wuxi)Ltd.) was founded in 1985. The company worldwide exports zippers, swing threads, garments accessories such as exclusive button, eyelet, metal badge, leather badge, etc. CMZ’s R&D department keeps on developing new products as per changing requirements of the buyers. With its world-class manufacturing facilities, highly qualified employees and business focus to pursue details and perfection, CMZ has created a unique corporation that enjoys a high reputation around the globe. In May 2013, Sarwar Jahan Chowdhury (Country Manager Bangladesh) set-up CMZ Zipper (Wuxi) Co. Ltd.’s liaison office in Dhaka. Before setting-up an office, the company used to work directly with some garments manufacturing companies in the country. Today, the company is a leading provider of quality service and good co-operation to the RMG industry in Bangladesh. To know more about the company’s journey in Bangladesh and its further plans, Apparel Views Editorial team spoke to Shao, President, of Jiangsu CMZ Zipper Sci & Tech Co., Ltd. China. Given are some excerpts from the interview..…..

How has been your business journey so far in Bangladesh?

Business in Bangladesh is the fastest-growing among all the export businesses of the company. Although the total amount is not large enough, we believe that sustained growth is expectable.

What kind of demand do you feel Bangladesh has right now?

Bangladesh is one of the best garment production bases around the world and products continue to improve. Thus, the requirements of the quality of garment accessories also constantly improve; high quality zippers are needed to meet the needs of the market. CMZ has always been used for internationally well-known cloths and have the full ability to meet the demands of a market of high quality. Of course, we also believe that the response of the speed of delivery is also a market demand. The company is planning to set up a manufacturing plant in Bangladesh to meet this need and improve delivery time.

What are the latest trends in accessories?

In recent years, it’s clear that the market demand for accessories’ innovation has significantly increased. As a result, product diversification is required. Fashion is the trend, and accessory which are environment-friendly to gain the market’s favour.

How do you convince your customers when they compare your accessories with others? Where do you think your company has an edge?

Firstly, CMZ is a large enterprise with a long history. The company has been built for more than 33 years, and has always produced zippers for high-end apparel. We have the confidence and ability to support our customers with enough output and quality guarantee.

Secondly, CMZ has been consistent with product quality. Our factory standard is very strict. CMZ also keeps ISO quality management. At least, more than 20 process operations are required to make a zipper. The stability of zipper quality is difficult to control, but CMZ can achieve a stable quality.

The last is innovation and service. CMZ adheres to create values for customers. Win-win cooperation is our business philosophy. What we can do is not only providing the required products to the customers, but also can give them the choice of original design to help strengthen their competitiveness. Zipper is a product with low value, and it has a small proportion in clothing. But CMZ is providing high value goods to the customers. Creating value for customers is our mission. We focus on providing an omnidirectional service, to make our customers satisfied, to make our employees the best.

Is there a plan to bring something especially made for the Bangladesh market?

We plan to set-up our factory in Bangladesh in 2018, and start production in 2019.

Where do you think Bangladesh market lacks at present?

Bangladesh’s garment accessories is not developed enough, the garment industry is restricted. So establishing a powerful supply chain is crucial. A full range of accessories production needs a strong industrial chain.

In terms of sales, how was the last year for you? How do you look at the 2019 for your company?

Last year in Bangladesh, we registered rapid growth which suggests that more customers have opted for CMZ. We expect to achieve a growth rate of more than 30 per cent.

Overseas supply chain is always more complex than local supply chain. How do you maintain service & delivery from China to Bangladesh market?

Garment manufacturing industry in Bangladesh is well planned. At the moment it can also meet the needs of the market service and delivery but the transportation and customs clearance is required for further improvement. CMZ now gives the orders exporting to Bangladesh a priority in production schedule to make up for the lack of transportation and customs declaration. But we think that we can do better. So we plan to set up a factory in Bangladesh to swiftly response to any market changes.

As an accessories supplier, what is your message for the customers?

For our customers, we hope that they think CMZ is a brilliant company and cooperating with us is a good choice. It will be our honor to get customers’ support to achieve our goals.

Are you happy with the growth of the industry?

Market competition is necessary and is also inevitable. The key is how to help customers and win the trust of customers. We are relatively satisfied with the development of the market but we will continue to strive to do better.

Please tell us something about your BD office?

Sarwar Jahan Chowdhury is one of the best managers in company offices. He has a good cultural and professional quality and is also a zipper sales expert. His professional ability is second to none. At the same time, he can always perceive a customer’s perspective is to aid them and provide them with good services. Under his lead, our partners in the Bangladesh office have had a strong professional dedicationand execution. Our achievements in Bangladesh are the result of their team work together. We are very satisfied and at the same time we also hope that they will do better. The company is ready to give them more support.