Cifra, a leading company in the production of Warp Knit Seamless (WKS ™), will present their new concept garments at the Functional Fabric Fair in Portland (October 22nd and 23rd) and at Performance Days in Munich (November 13th and 14th). These garments have been created in the name of uniqueness and sustainability with their exclusive, internationally patented technology. In short, these outdoor, hybrid, activewear and athleisure prototypes possess the highest in technological and stylistic qualities.

“We want to export our know-how to the most important sport-oriented areas of the world, namely the United States and Germany, today undisputed outposts in our sector – Cesare Citterio, CEO of Cifra, underlines-. The third stop will then be in New York at Performance Days where we’ll be able to meet up with the most skilled players in East Coast brands. If you take into account that over 40 percent of the sports and lifestyle market is American, the fact that we attend both Portland and New York fairs, indicates a significant choice for us. Our across-the-board technology is what makes us appealing to all brands, from international fashion houses to trend niche brands. Furthermore, the high-quality B2B formula, set in place by Performance Days, allows us to meet the players who count amidst a pleasant and more relaxed atmosphere. Among the new proposals that we’ll be presenting at the upcoming trade fairs, I’d like to highlight the innovative developments that have occurred in hybrid jackets, which are already proving to be the main theme in clothing for the near future.”

Cifra, which has always been actively involved in favour of environmental sustainability, is today considered an absolute point of reference in responsible production. On the one hand, there is the Zero Waste commitment (with seamless warp, all the yarn is transformed into a product, whereas with traditional fabric, the packaging waste is about 15 – 30 percent), and on the other, the Green Attitude project which has to do with the introduction of eco-sustainable and regenerated yarns such as Econyl® by Aquafil, QNova® by Fulgar, Starlight® by Radici, Amni Soul Eco® by Fulgar, Eco Smart® by Roica, and Sensil® Ecocare by Nilit Fibers.

Among the most recent in textile innovations, Warp Knit Seamless® undoubtedly ranks among the most significant and far-reaching. It has to do with a new way of imagining seamless, both in terms of manufacturing technology and in terms of the final product, compared to traditional garments which are made on circular or rectilinear machines. In the area of sports, this innovative technology plays a fundamental role in the creation of unique, high-performance, functional garments with a contemporary style that guarantees unprecedented comfort and durability