Fashion³ has selected Centric Software product lifecycle management (PLM) in order to significantly optimise its production cycles, boost product quality and reduce time to market. Fashion3 is an ecosystem comprised of boutique-oriented textile brands under the Mulliez group, Jules, Brice, Bizzbee, Pimkie, RougeGorge, and Grain de Malice/Orsay from France.

Fashion³ also aims to streamline manufacturers’ processes and communication with partner brands and distributors through Centric PLM. Created in 2017, the Fashion³ brand ecosystem aims to invent a new zero-waste development model across seven textile brands by identifying innovations, imagining new solutions, and initiating synergies such as alignment of design, production and distribution processes meeting the goals and commitments of corporate social and environmental responsibility (CSR).

“From the outset, we identified two strategic axes common to our brands. The ‘zero waste’ Product Life Excellence (PLE), and data analysis for understanding our customer needs. Since their creation, our brands have used a global and standardised approach to production, which today is synonymous with inefficiency and waste. We wanted to deploy a new ecosystem to precisely analyse purchasing behaviour and better target the needs of our customers,” Franck Dumery, CIO of the Fashion³ ecosystem said in a report.

After a call for tenders led by Orsay, a brand in the Fashion³ ecosystem, Centric PLM was chosen. Centric’s leading position in the market, the positive feedback from other Centric customers, the size of its user base, and the robust and durable structure of the solution appealed to the management team.

The process redesign will be done in a swift manner and will adapt to the specific needs of each brand. The first phase of deployment involves the installation of a centralised system for production teams, under the supervision of purchasing groups of each brand. The second phase will consist of integrating new purchasing processes for each entity. Orsay will lead the project, and will be the first to switch to the PLM solution from Centric.

“Ultimately, our ambition is to streamline our processes, build strong partnerships with our suppliers and apply this model for each of our brands. We aim for better quality, for better compliance with our CSR principles and, by extension, for savings” Dumery said.

“We are proud to welcome the brands from the Fashion³ ecosystem into the Centric family. The data analysis and the CSR goals are decisive for product design and development, as well as the image of the brands. This is why we are thrilled to support Fashion³’s strategic and operational objectives, especially in terms of growth and reduction of environmental impact,” Chris Groves, president and CEO of Centric said.