The Cotton Council International (CCI) participated as an exclusive Sponsor in the fibre category at the recently held 2019 International Congress of Textile Innovation for Sustainable Development, in Lima, Peru. More than 400 participants attended the event for networking and discussing the US Cotton Trust Protocol with trade and Global Industry Experts.

Speakers from Germany, Italy, France, and the US shared the latest industry development news, trends, and technologies, challenging the Peruvian textile industry to think about how to compete in the global economy.

Andrew Jordan, on behalf CCI, conducted a presentation addressing the US Cotton Trust Protocol and a recent micro-fibre study. The attendees received updates on improvement progress from the US cotton industry, the US cotton industry’s commitment to building on its legacy of stewardship, as well as transparency and trust from the farm to the customer. CCI also shared a presentation on the Cotton USA licensing programme and the participating global brands.

Representatives from leading companies such as Creditex, Nettalco, Topy Top, Tejidos San Jacinto, Peru Fashions, Textil Romosa, and La Colonial attended the event. In addition, Jordan held seven face-to face meetings with US cotton fibre Buyers and Export Manufacturers during the week in order to listen to them and ask them about concepts related to the US Cotton Trust Protocol and gauge what the industry considers valuable.