BIGM Company (Pvt.) Ltd. was established in August, 2008. The company started business by providing textile and garments related sewing and knitting machines and fast moving spare parts to the export oriented garment industry. Ever since its inception BIGM has been committed to the single goal of providing the best possible and economical service to the customers. In an interview with Apparel Views Bangladesh Editorial team Swadesh Debnath, Managing Director, BIGM Co. Pvt. Ltd. tells more about the company and its journey in Bangladesh.

Please tell us about your company?

Since beginning we are looking for the best quality and well-known manufacturers of garments & textile machines for sewing, weaving, knitting, dyeing, finishing etc. across the globe. Through discussions and successive agreements, we have become representative of some world-famous brands of machine line in Bangladesh. Main Vision of BIGM is to be the best company in the textile and garments industry and to provide complete solution to our valued customers for attaining superiority in their respected field. We recognise that our customer has a choice and we need to combine speed, efficiency, technology, design and innovation to be that choice in an industry where on-time delivery and quality are given.

What are the different solutions you are offering to the garments industry?

Ours is a trading company sourcing technology from all over world. We are providing complete garment sewing& cutting room solutions and service, Spares support. Apart from this we also have machines for knitting, finishing, dyeing, printing and washing. We have complete technical team with experienced engineers for giving technical support. They train the customers’ factory people and make a technical show to run the factory nicely. Some of the well-known bands we are representing in apparel technology are Juki, Yamato, AMF Reece, Gerber, ASS and Eastman. These are very big companies doing very well in Bangladesh garment sector. Also we are offering some additional machines from Taiwan, China countries.

What is main mission of this company?

Mission of BIGM is to create a long time connection with our customers by providing best quality machineries and services so that we can be in motion all together with their development. We are partner of our customers by supplying them with the best quality competitive terms, to expand our network and provide prompt services ensuring shared growth and success. Be exclusive and the organiser of total apparel solution through our genuine and committed attempt. Our saying is classify the interior need of our valued customers and be at their disposal all the time.

How has been your experience of working with this company?

We have very good experience of working with them. We are investing lot of money for developing in this area and in short span of time have established our name in this industry.

What according to you is the USP of their machines?

As you know we are representing some of the best brands having world’s best technology. We have sewing machines, which do proper sewing without oil stains. In cutting room also we have best solution supported by our professional team who are there to give best solutions to our customers. Our service team makes sure the minimum down time of the machine with ready availability of spares part.

How many machines have you installed in Bangladesh so far?

It’s countless but we are working with some very big factories in Bangladesh who are our regular clients.

As an agent what problems are you facing when working in Bangladesh? What kind of support do you expect from the govt.?

Govt. is not giving us any support in this trade. I don’t know much about the facilities they are providing but one thing I can say is that day-by-day expense is going up and prices are going down. We are trying at our end opting various measures to benefit our end customers.. Infrastructure is always a problem, which only Govt. can improve. As we are in import business there is need to have faster port systems so that customers get the machine faster.