Focuses on bringing positive changes in whole denim supply chain

The 10th edition of Bangladesh Denim Expo, an international exposition of denim products, was held at the International Convention City Bashundhara (ICCB) on 2nd and 3rd May in the capital, which was based on the theme of “circularity.”A total of 63 exhibitors from 11 countries with Bangladesh exhibited their products in the 2-day show.

The two-day expo focused on “circularity” as a theme for bringing positive changes in the whole denim supply chain. Over 4,958 visitors from 51 countries from around the world joined the expo, according to the organisers. “The theme of Circularity is to raise awareness and open debate about the need to embrace circular business practices. We live in a world where we are producing too much clothing product that is then discarded rather than reused, recycled or repurposed – this linear business model is unsustainable for the future,” said Mostafiz Uddin, Founder and CEO of Bangladesh Apparel Exchange (BAE) and Bangladesh Denim Expo. “We have chosen Circularity as the theme of the expo because it is one of the most pressing topics facing the denim industry, and the wider apparel industry at present,” said Mohiuddin Rubel, Managing Director of Bangladesh Apparel Exchange (BAE).

The Bangladesh Denim Expo looked to outline why the denim industry must adapt and implement the key principles of circularity throughout the product life cycle which included designing of the product for longevity, considering resource efficiency, biodegradability, and recyclability; producing efficiently, ethically and with regard for the environment; and wherever possible, reuse, recycle, repurpose, any waste product. In doing so, the expo helped providing answers and solutions with a renewed offer featuring a series of seminar and workshop sessions in a two-day packed agenda, that also featured the Bangladesh Fashionology Summit.

A special “Trend Zone” area, a unique space dedicated to showcase the latest denim trends and innovative products, was expanded in this edition where visitors were able to gain insights on denim fabrics, styling and finishing available in Bangladesh, together with an offer of the most relevant denim publication. Upcoming trends that are reining in the denim fashion world, including circular denim designs and developments, were displayed in the expo’s Trend Zone. A total of five seminars and two panel discussions were organized in the expo where international and national experts shared their opinions.

Two panel discussions centred on the issue of circularity, titled “Circularity: What It Means For the Bangladesh RMG Industry, Their Customers and End Consumer” and “Innovation Aids Circularity: What Advances Should the Bangladesh RMG Industry Embrace to Develop a Circular Economy?” There were also other seminars on topics such as circularity in jeans finishing and recycling in denim industry, which were all held at the expo where local and international experts shared their thoughts. Stalls of the expo were made of repurposed fabrics rolls which itself is a unique example of circularity and its diverse benefits.