Welcoming Prime Minister Imran Khan’s efforts to provide affordable power to textile units, the All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) has urged him to chair regular textile industry meetings to monitor policy implementation and performance in investment and exports. The industry is committed to earning $30 bn in exports, patron-in-chief GoharEjaz said. The textile industry wants to undertake new investment initiatives and create mn of sustainable jobs, Ejaz said.

The immediate focus of the government should be to announce a long-term export-led growth policy and to raise cotton production by doubling cotton yield to 1,200 kg per hectare from 660 kg per hectare now, report quoted him as saying.

The textile industry has set a target of producing 20 mnbales of cotton and a mn tonnes of polyester fibre; generating $28 bn in textile and clothing exports; cultivating $1.4 bn worth new investment every year; adding 6 mn direct labour force, and raising the country’s share in global textile exports by 3.5 per cent and apparel exports by 2.7 per cent by 2023-24, Ejaz added.