Bangladesh’s apparel exports gained over 14 per cent in February, leaping by the numbers in receipt sum during the month after witnessing a fall. Latest data released by Bangladesh Export Promotion Bureau on March 7, 2019 shows that during July- February 2019 period, total apparel exports stood at over $23.1 bn, marking an impressive gain of 14.17 per cent on a yearto- year basis. Further analysis by a report shows, for the individual month of February, export receipt amounted to $2.9 bn. Previously, the receipt stood $2.4 bn in January, the month of labour unrest, and $2.9 bn in December.

Over the July-February period, knitwear fetched over $11.4 bn, marking a growth of 13.5 per cent. On the other hand, woven exports fetched over $10.1 bn – a 14.8 per cent gain over the receipt during the same period in previous fiscal. For the month of February, knitwear receipt stood over $1.35 bn, what was US $1.5 bn in January and $1.3 bn in December. On the other hand, woven receipt stood at over $1.55 bn, what was $1.6 bn in both January and December.

In total exports of Bangladesh, the export performance of February was $3.38 bn – a 7 per cent gain on a year-to-year basis. It showed that apparel exports accounted for over 87 per cent of the total exports of the country – what is usually around 83 per cent. It is notable that Bangladesh witnessed an unprecedented spate of labour unrest during January, what was the biggest seen in recent times. The total impact of the unrest is expected to be laid out in the following three to six months.